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ScoScoop | April 25, 2018

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Graduate Assistant Position

Graduate Assistant Position

Category: Graduate Assistant
Department: Rhetoric

Duties/Skills: To assist Professor Spieldenner with research in health communication projects. Responsibilities include developing literature reviews on HIV disparities and health service providers and organizations. Additionally the position calls for assistant to work with Professor Spieldenner in identifying appropriate survey tools and other research tools. Working with Dr. Spieldenner, the graduate student will learn how to prepare a survey instrument, develop a video script for a research project, and produce a literature review. Rhetoric graduate student preferred; School of Communication graduate student preferred.

Hours: 3-4 hours per week, schedule to be determined
Salary: $600 stipend (equal payments twice a month)
Start Date: September 2013
Contact Info: Prof. Andrew Spieldenner or (516) 463-5955

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