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ScoScoop | May 25, 2018

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Graduate Writing Workshops

Graduate Writing Workshops

The School of Communication
Writing Workshops for Graduate Students

Tuesday, April 23 – 6pm to 7:30pm Dempster, Room 306
How to conduct research using available resources. Participants will cover proper formatting for an annotated bibliography, the use of primary and secondary sources and how to paraphrase quotes.

Thursday, April 25 – 6pm to 7:30pm Dempster, Room 103
How to construct a written argument. Workshop participants will construct a written argument in class based on the writing prompts, primary and secondary sources.

Friday, April 26 – 6pm to 7:30pm Dempster, Room 306
Oral presentation and peer editing of written arguments. Participants will explore various ways of incorporating and citing sources in a research paper. Also covered will be the differences between MLA and APA formats and the basic citation guidelines for each format.

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