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ScoScoop | May 25, 2018

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Be A Part of Something Great!

Join our passionate and motivated team and become a part of our internship program.
ONE18MEDIA is forward-thinking and client-focused. This benefits our interns as we work closely with them, providing a personalized experience along the way. Enhancing what they’ve learned in the classroom, building on it, and going above and beyond to teach our interns new concepts.

Our customized internship program is the perfect fit for those who are focused and for those who want a taste of a little bit of everything. If you choose to be more focused, please note we offer the following:
Graphic Design for Web and Print
Website Design and Development (including Setup/Management and SEO)
Social Media Integration and Management
Internet Marketing
Journalism (Writing and Content Editing)

Responsibilities (contingent upon internship program track and major):
Contribute to website design and redesign projects in various ways.
Monitor and post on websites and social networks.
Drafting and editing copy for social media channels.
Monitoring social media web analytics on a weekly basis (e.g. page views, Twitter followers), and provide reports of growth and other activity.
Website and social media optimization
Keyword analysis
Assist in the creation of graphics (through Adobe Photoshop), e-mail campaigns, and other digital materials.

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