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ScoScoop | May 25, 2018

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Production/Casting Internship

Production/Casting Internship

Spring ’14 intern starting at the end of January

Complete Production Group, parent company of Complete Casting and Production Services is a NY/CA based casting, Production, Finance and talent/crew payroll servicing company.

We are looking for an individual who thrives in creative thinking and is passionate about learning the ‘behind-­‐the-­‐scenes’ process of film, commercial and television productions. Upon completion of this internship, the candidate will gain an in-­‐depth knowledge of:
-­‐ Contractual and payment obligations for actors set forth by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
-­‐ Casting for numerous projects, whether in-­‐studio casting sessions or talent
searches for studios and production companies.
-­‐ Film/television finance negotiations.
-­‐ Documentation of SAG-­‐AFTRA Pension & Health Contributions.

Work Includes:
-­‐ Assist with casting, research, and various other upcoming projects
-­‐ Assist with website and social media
-­‐ Interact with the SAG-­‐AFTRA office in regards to movie, commercial contracts,
rates, residuals and various other scenarios.
-­‐ Assist with talent payroll and general accounting & SAG-­‐AFTRA documentation.

-­‐ Must be pursuing BA. Preferably in communications, film, media or related field
-­‐ Excellent organizational, editorial, communication, and interpersonal skills
-­‐ Complete MS Office knowledge (word, excel, and access) and great computer skills
-­‐ Genuine interest in film/television/internet trends and evolutions
-­‐ Excellent research skills, highly resourceful, and a self-­‐starter

-­‐ You get an actual Crew title for your resume on a casting (not a dreaded “Intern”)
-­‐ You get documentation/times sheets filled out, required by your educational institution
-­‐ You get a letter of reference and a contact phone reference
-­‐ You get to work remotely and complete tasks on your own schedule
-­‐ Transportation/Mileage reimbursements and meals, if on casting or regulate assignment
-­‐ Opportunity to attend mixers, NY Emmy events, attend TV/Film meetings/conferences
with Complete Casting team

Interested students should contact Adam Fisher at Complete Casting or Professor Doug Morrow, RTVF Internship Coordinator.

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