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ScoScoop | June 19, 2018

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Prof Kristal Zook on HBO’s Confirmation

Prof Kristal Zook on HBO’s Confirmation
Kerry Washington as Anita Hill in HBO's Confirmation. (Courtesy of HBO.

Kerry Washington as Anita Hill in HBO’s Confirmation. (Courtesy of HBO.

In her latest piece, Kristal Zook, a journalist and professor in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, writes about HBO’s premiere of Confirmation, which tells the story of law professor Anita Hill’s claims of sexual harassment against Supreme Court nominee and her former supervisor, Clarence Thomas.

“Confirmation is a story for a new generation of viewers—many of whom have most likely never heard of Hill, and possibly not even Thomas, and can scarcely imagine how difficult it must have been at that time for a woman—much less a black woman—to come forward publicly with a claim of sexual harassment against a nominee for the Supreme Court,” she writes.

“Anita Hill, Reluctant Hero,” The Nation, 4/15/16

With 20+ years of experience as an award-winning journalist and author, Dr. Kristal Brent Zook has skills in reporting, writing, editing, teaching, public speaking, and media analysis. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Essence Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The LA Weekly, The Village Voice, and many other outlets. Dr. Zook has also worked as a producer and on-air commentator for National Public Radio, and she continues to appear periodically as an on-air commentator providing analysis of media, social justice issues, and politics for NPR, CNN, BET, Fox, TV-One, MTV, and MSNBC. Her expertise is at the intersections of journalism, cultural reporting, race, gender, and media studies.

Dr. Zook has served most recently as a mentor for the Op-Ed Project in New York, and a judge for the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards and The New York Press Club Awards. In 2013, she was appointed to the Board of Directors for the Alicia Patterson Foundation in Washington DC.

Dr. Zook teaches courses in the undergraduate and graduate journalism program.  For more information on Dr. Zook’s recent articles or appearances, visit

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