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ScoScoop | April 25, 2018

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Student Film Makes Festival Rounds

Student Film Makes Festival Rounds

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Film student Indrani Kopal MFA ’15 is gaining acclaim for her new documentary, “The Game Changer,” which has been accepted to both the 2014 Portland Film Festival and the Ninth Annual Harlem International Film Festival.

The film, a look at a choreographer who is using arts intervention to change the lives of long-term prisoners, is the first installment of Kopal’s thesis project in the Documentary Studies and Production program at The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

Kopal, an award-winning filmmaker from Malaysia and 2012 Fulbright scholarship recipient, is now working on her second film in the series, which will focus on the six men who took part in the dance program, all of whom have since been released from prison.

Most recently, another of her MFA films, “Living Jazz with Bill Saxton,” was an official selection of the 2013 Langston Hughes African-American Film Festival in Seattle.

The Portland Film Festival will be held August 26 to Sept. 1 in Oregon, and the Harlem International Film Festival will be in New York City from Sept. 10 to 14.

Official Trailer: The Game Changer

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